Want to keep kids bedroooms appearing tidy ?

One of the biggest challenges that parents face when designing their kids' bedrooms is the layout. We suggest that the bed and bedside should be the centre of attention. We also recommend utilizing the blind spot to keep the room looking neat and tidy. The blind pot refers to the wall that you don't see when you enter a room, i.e., the wall behind you. This means that when you walk past, you only see a well-made bed and not the remnants of yesterday's craft frenzy on a desk. It is also an excellent way to impress visitors as they walk past on their way to your immaculate lounge room. The idea is that they will marvel at your kids' tidy rooms and may even comment, and that's a win for everyone!


TIP #1
The BED is the most important piece of furniture. Choosing the right sized bed will depend on both the size of your child and the size of the room. A King Single is a great size for kids as it is the same length as a queen and slightly wider than a single and a perfect size for teenagers.

TIP #2
A BEDSIDE TABLE next to the bed is essential to set a lamp and allow for kids to put a book etc. The general rule is that a bedside should sit no higher than the mattress itself.

TIP #3
A CHEST OF DRAWERS or TALLBOY is an essential item to have clothing easily accessible for kids. Instead of folding the clothing in piles on top of each other, try file folding - it will change your life.


TIP #1
Look for bedding that is made from NATURAL FIBRES such as 100% cotton or bamboo. Natural fibres will allow the body to breathe by not trapping in heat. This means that your kids will not overheat during the night which will guarantee a better night's sleep and that's a WIN WIN for the whole family.

TIP #2
The essential bedding items include a duvet cover, duvet insert, a pillow, sheets, cushion/s plus a throw to finish off the bed. You may also want to invest in a waterproof mattress protector.

TIP #3
To create a sense of fun, mix and match contrasting textures and patterns. Play with patterns, plains, stripes, knits, spots, checks and florals to achieve the look you are after.


TIP #1
As children's rooms are often the smallest room in the house, try to keep decor to a minimum in the bedroom so as not to overcrowd the space. Kids bedrooms should have the least amount of stimuli in them to help create a space that is both calm and restful. Investing in good storage is key.

TIP #2
Decor items include bedside lamp, artwork (1-2 pieces), rug (for comfortable stepping if you have floor boards), pin board (for reminders + photos) and handy hooks.

TIP #3
Try to co-ordinate the decor with the bedding colours so that you create continuity throughout the bedroom. If not, use the 'BLINDSPOT' to put any mismatched things behind you*.

The Ripple Oak Bed feature repeated soft curves with the use of timber and rippled textile panelling.  The sculptured timber legs are met with the softly curved profile within the frame. Juxtaposing straight lines and edges with smooth shaped legs and textured behead.
Sale priceFrom $1,895.00
The Shorty locker makes itself at home tucked neatly next to a desk or snuggled up beside your kid’s bed. This petite little locker might be small but there is loads of room inside.   Two adjustable shelves, on handy hook, cable hole and wall attachment points. Handle, lock, custom keyring, and air vents. Available in either right or left hand opening to suit your configuration.
Sale price$229.00
Inspired by the Berber style rugs in Morocco this off-white washable round rug comes with cheeky dots all over. Made from 100% high quality cotton yarn, this rug is a great option for kids and allergy sufferers. You can create a beautiful home with a rug that brings warmth and style that is easy to clean and maintain.
Sale price$399.00
The Porta Table Lamp is a cute, modern and compactly designed lamp for everyday use - it is just perfect for kids!  As implied by its name, Porta is a portable lamp is characterised by its rounded, organic design cues, the cylinder base and elongated dome shape of the lamp shade contribute to an aesthetic cohesiveness.
Sale price$280.00
Scoop Bookcase is both a bookcase and toy box in one. Open cavities to display books and treasures and interchangeable boxes to stash away toys.  Four boxes feature a curved cut-out handle, and the frame conceals intricate mitred joinery.  Timber sourced from sustainably managed forests. Lead-times may vary from 6-14 weeks (contact our showroom). Timber swatches available on request.  72.2H x 30D x 147.8W cm
Sale priceFrom $1,895.00
Kids love to see their names all over their things and this is the ultimate in personalisation. These bold wall letters will make a statement in any kids' room.  We have created these letters in a crisp bold font in a range of gorgeous colours. With a beautiful felt like appearance, they arrive ready to install straight away.
Sale priceFrom $25.00
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