Personalise your kids desk space so they will want to spend time there . . .

We recommend involving your child in the process of designing and decorating their learning space. Avoid overloading the desk with too many items and select functional items that also add aesthetic value. The options include pinboards, lamps, clocks, floor rugs, pencil pots, and bookends which can all be selected to suit your child's personality and stage of learning.


TIP #1
The DESK is most important for easy learning. Choosing the right-sized desk will depend on the size of the space as well as your kid's needs. As laptops have superseded encyclopedias, the demand for a big desk has decreased.

TIP #2
A comfortable CHAIR is vital to both a child's ability to sit still and their posture, making it easier for them to focus. An upholstered seat is a very comfortable option and a gas lift chair is a great investment as it allows the child to adjust their seat as they grow.

TIP #3
A kids BOOKCASE will assist to keep a learning space organised as well as have resources easily accesible for study. The bookcase cavities themselves are not only handy for books, but folders and notes that can easily take up valuable desk space.


TIP #1
Look for the right task light to help your kids see the work they are focused on. The best lights are lamps that can be adjusted and swivelled so that the light itself can be focused directly onto the task at hand.

TIP #2
Use a 60 to 80 watt light bulb for detail oriented tasks. Avoid cool flourescent bulbs that emit harsh lighting that can strain kid's eyes and can cause tiredness. Opt for warm halogen bulbs that are close to natural daylight and place less strain on kid's eyes.

TIP #3
To find the right bedside light to read by, look for a lamp which emits a diffused light through a shade or one where the light is focused away from the face. Use a warm 40W globe which will emit a subdued light to reduce the stimulation of a bright light.


TIP #1
One of the best concepts for kid's learning spaces are PIN BOARDS. Hang artwork, awards, reminders and photos to keep the desk clutter free. it will also assist in keeping all school notes in one central location.

TIP #2
PENCIL POTS are an invaluable way to keep pens and pencils neatly contained and readily accessible. In a range of colours and sizes to suit your kid's colour theme, it's a little item that can not only beautify the desk, but serve to keep the desk under control.

TIP #3
STORAGE BASKETS are a great way to categorise kid's bits and pieces into organised bliss. The idea is to assist kid's desks to be as clutter free as possible to reduce distraction and have everything in its right place. Look for baskets that are colourful and not too big.

The Pia Lamp is one of the most versatile lamps for kids. To be used as a bedside or a desk lamp, the sculptural design is sure to make a stylish addition to your kid’s spaces.   The functionality of both a swivel head and arm allow the light to be specifically directed onto the task at hand, making it perfect for concentrating reading or studying.
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As parents, we understand that facilitating kids to learn at home can be challenging at times. Here are some rituals that might help:

reduce distractions
avoid interruptions
avoid multi-tasking
get a good night's sleep
focus on one thing at a time
take short breaks
no texting

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