There comes a time in your child’s life when they want to have a friend come for a sleepover. The kids are so excited and all you can think about is 'but where will they sleep? And will they sleep at all?

Have you thought about a trundle bed as a solution? 

Trundles are an extra bed which are neatly packed away under another bed and rolled out, conveniently, when guests arrive. This concept of having two beds in one space is super clever and convenient. As the kids are separated on two levels, we believe this will guarantee a better night’s sleep for everyone. Whilst sleeping they will not disturb each other as they wriggle, there is no fighting over blankets as each child has their own pillow (hang on I think this is not just for kids!). They are designed to fit the entire space under each bed.

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Oak Box

Colour Box




Ripple Oak


Available Sizes (to fit under the appropriate sized bed): Single, King Single, Double and Queen. They are built with hidden castors which means they can easily glide out either side of the bed. The base is slatted (for airflow) and fits a high density foam mattress which is customised to each bed size. The timber trundles are designed to coordinate with our Colour Box, Oak Box, Ripple Oak, Noa, Charlie and Scout Collections. 

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