Pink Diamond: Get the Look

Pink Diamond: Get the Look

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We introduce our gorgeous new kids bedroom look this week – Pink Diamond. Featuring the Bronte Upholstered Bed and Colour Box Bedside Table with layers of pinks, peaches, white and a touch of amber to create some warmth.

This gorgeous blush kids' bedroom was created by layering subtle textures and patterns. With diamond details, contrast piping, fringed cushions + throws and fine striped bedding, each element invites you in to take a closer look. "Being inspired by a soft blush shell discovered on a beach - bringing joy and delight as the pearl shades glisten in the sun!".

This is unapologetically for the pink lovers of this world! Soft peach interwoven with pale pink, fresh white and a warm amber. The colours were chosen to bring a sense of tranquility.

All of the kids' bedding is made from natural fibres and sourced from Australian designers. The pure linen duvet cover is reversible and we chose to land it white-side up because it features a gorgeous soft peach horizontal stripe. The geometric cushion has been block printed in India and the colours and diamond print detail are worth a closer look (see images below).

Bronte Bed (king single bed) and Colour Box Bedside (Tasmanian Oak/White) designed by Lilly & Lolly and made in Australia. These handcrafted pieces are made to order and come with a 10 year warranty.

Fabricut Margot-Rose 01 (bed) and Warwick Chambray Rosewater (bedhead piping).


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