Creative Genius: Smith + Co

Creative Genius: Smith + Co

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Lilly & Lolly work with talented interior designers across Australia.
One of our Sydney based designers, Amy Smith from Smith & Co. Interiors created this amazing shared bedroom for Miss 4 and Miss 7.

Read below how she created this gorgeous eye-popping space!

About Amy...
I’ve always loved textiles and design, prior to interiors I studied and worked in the clothing industry in Melbourne. Returning to my hometown of Brisbane in 2009 compelled me to leave the rag trade and I found myself in a national décor role, developing and selling building products for an acrylic manufacturer. I have been able to hone my skills and assist clients....and achieve spaces they love to live in. At this stage my husband (a builder) and I started renovating and selling our own properties. This process sparked my real interest in interiors and appreciate how important effective lighting, colours, shapes and design is to a space. Through further studies, I have been able to hone my skills and assist clients streamline the design process and achieve spaces they love to live in.

What draws you to design spaces for kids?
Creativity and imagination can be limitless when designing a kid’s room. I love being able to mix a variety of colours and patterns, tailoring it to each child’s personality and interests.

What Amy says about this room...
Created for two sweet sisters (Miss 4 and Miss 7) sharing a room for at least the next 12 months. The bedroom already had built in robes and was approximately 3.4 x 4m in size. The clients were after something girly but sophisticated enough to still inspire them into their early teenage years.

When designing kids bedrooms what is important to you...
Not to be overwhelming. There’s a fine line between injecting playfulness whist not being chaotic. Everyone wants their child to feel safe and ultimately calm when they put them to bed at night. Too much clutter does not promote restfulness for little people, so we always want a space that is soft and relaxing for children.

What are the current trends for kid's bedrooms?
Happy to say we are seeing less whimsical and pastels. Bunk beds are very popular and a great way to create extra space for a desk or beanbag. Universally kids love seeing their own art or awards on display in their rooms, so pinboards or bookcases continue to be integrated.

Is it important to create a space that kid's can grow in?
Yes and no. Client’s are realistic with the different stages their children and therefore their rooms will go through. We always like to get some longevity out of larger investment pieces like beds and drawers, however decorative elements will be interchangeable and adapt as their child matures and their interests change. Room features: Lilly & Lolly's King Single Beds (Charlie Upholstered Bed | Augustus fabric) & Charlie Bedsides (Whitewash).

If you want to have a beautifully designed space for your kids contact Amy Smith.
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