Tips & Tricks for Messy Kid's Rooms

Tips & Tricks for Messy Kid's Rooms

We have been assisting parents for over 20 years with products, design and ideas to make kid's rooms the best they can be. Here are our 3 TOP tips around some of the issues that parents need help with the most.


QUESTION #1 "When I walk past my kid's bedrooms they look so messy, so I close the door. How can I set up the rooms so that the mess is not on show?'

SOLUTION #1 You need be tactical to create a space where kids can be kids without their play impacting on the presentation of their room. Our TRICK is so simple where you utilise the room's 'BLIND SPOT'. A  blind spot is the wall behind you as you look or walk into the room. Whilst not completely hidden, this wall allows you to put the messy things like a desk, dolls house, lego table or craft table behind your line of sight, leaving the rest of the room to appear impressively tidy!


"How do I choose colours for my kid's room so that it looks cohesive? I am not sure what to do as my child loves so many colours and has a lot of colourful toys?"

When considering a colour palette for your child our TIP is to ask your child to share their favourite colour. It is then up to you to either get advice or to play around with additional colours by adding a complimentary colour plus a neutral (such a matching tone, grey, black, white, beige, ivory or cream), being 3 colours in total. To do this easily, head to Bunnings or a paint shop as the colour swatches are free and there is so much to choose from. If your child has chosen a bright colour, we suggest that this is featured in the room as an accent colour with cushions and artwork so that it does not dominate the space.

If you have other items in the room, which do not coordinate your ideal colour palette, and your child insists on keeping them, place these items in the BLIND SPOT area (see Tip #1).


"My kids have so much clutter and we are further overwhelmed at birthdays and Christmas with  toys etc., do you have any ideas on how I can stay on top of it all because my kid's rooms are small?"

Traditionally kids rooms are the smallest rooms in a house and easily get out of hand. To get organised, we suggest you compartmentalise the smaller items into baskets and boxes by sorting them into categories such as lego, Sylvanian Families, cars, craft etc. and, where possible, label them. Once sorted, these are perfect for filling up a bookcase, for easy access, so your kids are not pulling everything out to find that one piece. For the larger items, you can either use a toy box (with lid) or baskets so items are are neatly stashed away. Our biggest TIP is to utilise your walls by installing hooks and/or floating bookcases. We believe as a rule that nothing belongs the floor so wall hooks are perfect for bags, jackets, hats, scarves etc. Alternatively, floating bookcases and shelves allow you to get bigger items up off the floor and neatly packed away.

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