Organise your Kids Bedrooms

Organise your Kids Bedrooms

From bookcases to rugs, there is a 'how to' for everything that makes sense to make your life easier. Over the years we've learned a few tips that you may find helpful in your home - here are some of our favourites!

How to fold clothing to keep them tidy

It may be traditional to lay folded items on top of each other. However, professional organizers use a different method called file folding which means that you fold everything upright.  This will prevent your kids from rummaging and allow them to see all of their items at once in their kids drawers

How to style a bookcase like a professional stylist

Begin by mixing up the contents of your childrens bookcase to include books but trophies, trinkets and constructions Use the top shelves to arrange the SPECIAL things and take your time to display them. Play around with different heights and mix up the books with other items so it is visually pleasing (as your eye will be drawn to these levels first). As long the top shelves look eye-catching and neat, the state of the rest of the bookcase will not be so obvious.

 A simple way to tidy kid's bedrooms

Our 101 tip for tidying a kid's room is simple - and NOTHING should be on the floor. When items are on the floor and jammed in corners, the room looks cluttered. There are many ways to avoid the floor but one of the simplest solutions is to utilise the wall space to hang things up. The humble HOOK is all you need to hang items such as jackets, hats and bags and in a set of 3, they create a feature that looks good as well.

A simple way to HIDE mess from nosey neighbours

This tip is done with a sleight of hand and not much else. Reconfigure the room so that your kid's messiest wall, ie. the kids desk space (where they love to dump stuff), is behind you as you look in. We suggest putting the BED in the most visible place so that, once the bed is made and as you glance in, the room will appear tidy. We call this BLIND SPOTTING.

Arrange your kid's bookcase in colour combinations

This is so quick and easy and does not take any skill at all - you could even get the kids to help you. We have found also that kids are inclined to put the books back, after use, with their same colours as it's visually pleasing. Also, if you wanted to take this one step further, you could also arrange the books in height order either ascending or descending.

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